Monday, July 03, 2006

N’s List

There seems to be so much to do, to see …. And as I strike items off the list, twice as much gets added!!! While I am not cribbing about this, there’s just this sadness that maybe I won’t get fully done…ever!

Anyways, in the weekend that went by, dad and I drove down to Mahabs…. To take a dip in the sea….something we have been planning for the last 2 years J Drove down to fisherman’s cove (they let you use their changing rooms) … and we hit the water…while I had great dreams of swimming the sea … I failed sadly after touching the water…… (No… I did not forget swimming all of a sudden… and for my defense it’s not as easy as they seem to make it out in Baywatch!) And a breath-full of salt water is enough to convince one that floating (read drowning) is certainly not a way to peaceful death!!!@!!!!

While I scratched that one off, I’ve added on learning to sea-swim on my list… least this time its one for one!