Friday, November 17, 2006

danza con mí, mi querido

Before you start looking it upon babelfish, it means "dance with me, my darling"...
Yes. This post is inspired after an hour of salsa in havana. For the uninitiated, havana is a pub with a dance floor in Raintree ( a star hotel in alwarpet). And these guys play jive and salsa music every wednesday. And more importantly, you find a regular crowd which throngs these places to spend an evening moving to the cuban tunes.

We ( as in my salsa classmates) had made quite a few plans to hit havana, and for some reasons it didnt happen. Last wednesday i mustered the enthu ( am telling u - i have become an old women after moving back with my parents!!!) and spent an hour over here and it felt really good. There were couple of my "class mates" and a few from the same school i go to ( academy of mordern dance). While dancing in class is fun, "fun" gets a new definition when you are doing it under disco lights and on a sooper smooth floor! Even watching others do some neat twists ans sexy twirls was damn good!

For the record, platinum on Aruna inn also has jive and salsa nights on saturday... yet to check that one out.