Saturday, December 15, 2012

Going solo...

I've been thinking about this for the longest time and finally, the day of reckoning is here. I am in the Manila airport, 7 hours into my first solo trip for 2 weeks and a bit over. I've been nervous, excited. It hasn't fully sunk in, but its good.

I've read of a lot of people traveling by themselves on forums and blogs... But after moving to Singapore, I feel like I've met and heard of lot of people's experiences... Be it few days or weeks and months together. Some love it, and find it liberating and for many its not their thing. The only good way to find out is to try it and here I am. On that journey of discovery. And I have to say that my younger Sister's solo trip in Europe probably kicked the inertia out of me :). (Really, I still don't believe it.)

Past couple of weeks have been a rush... All self inflicted of course. Wrapping up work. Getting ready for the trip. I realised while I am usually good at being prepared ahead of time when I travel with others, I've left a lot of things until the last minute. It wasn't until 2 weeks ago that I booked my flights. Through this last week, I've been busy getting accommodation sorted. And, till 5 days ago I hadn't looked up exact visa requirements...I knew Philippines had allowed visa free entry to Indians recently, but only 14 days, it seems. Even after figuring this out, and had some time to apply for a longer visa, I decided I was going to risk convincing the visa officer ( really, how often does that work? Yes, I am likely overstaying a few days! Beat that!). And I still only have first 10days of the trip sorted.

But, figuring out as I go is just what I've always wanted to do and seems to be just the thing to do on a lazy beach vacation. And its nice how tips/ideas have come along the way while speaking of this trip to friends...things I usually miss. It was a friend who brought the storm that had hit Philippines to my attention, luckily I hear Palawan wasn't as impacted. Like the friend who told me to check on the visa me or the one who reminded me of travel insurance since I am diving (well, she actually told me a total scary story of a freak accident and made me promise I would get it in the airport. That's the other thing I learnt, u can buy travel insurance from the ATM)... And one friend has promised to keep a check on me every few days, just in case!

Anyways, no expectations and taking it as it comes. And I have a loaded kindle to keep me company, and if nothing else, home is just a flight away.