Sunday, November 23, 2008

Diner Trivia - Alice's, Ellen's

The other day, (as a part of the random browsing I always find myself doing) I was trying out this new website which allows you to make lists -lists of activities, sights to see, places to eat, shop. The lists could be like '10 shopping stops in Manhattan', or 'on the Moroccan food trail in NY'. I found the idea very interesting - it is a variation of other travel websites and opinions, but a list based on a theme is kind of like having a custom theme based tour made for you.

Anyways, I was trying this website and I for some reason decided to add Alice's to my list on 'California road trips'. I was looking for an image to go with my write-up which is when I ran into this...

"Named after the song, Alice's Restaurant, made famous by Arlo Guthrie, this Alice's Restaurant is a true country diner gem. While it may not be the original restaurant the folk singer sang about, it has an unmistakable charm.The building the restaurant is in, was originally built in the early 1900's and served as a general store t0 support the logging industry in the area. What had been called "Four Corners" was then turned into a restaurant. The building was eventually purchased by Alice Taylor, who renamed the restaurant after herself, and the song. The restaurant was sold again in the 1970's and has been family owned ever since. On summer days you can see long lines of bikers, stopping by for one of the fabulous burgers on the menu."

Who knew there was a story lurking behind this place! Sadly, I have no photo's of this place. But you can check some out here.

While we are on the topic of diners, here are some snapshots from Ellen's Stardust. I went there once again with my friends (on my trip to NYC this year April).