Saturday, September 09, 2006

sexy Salsa...

Lots of waiting, a bit of cold feet ( seems like a regular pattern in my life now), me and moi friend ms.u have enrolled for level 1 salsa classes... at the Russian culture centre - we are having fun and hopefully on our way to become atleast some weak shadow of JLo!! Dancing is so much fun, i wonder why i put it off so much - dont know what it does to men, but it sure makes us women feel a helluva lot more gracefull, sexy and confident... these guys teach upto 6 levels i think and they follow the LA plus New York style is what i was told.

And by the end, we women will learn to follow any step of the guys ( if they arent tooo complicated!) which will be fun... so this time around when someone asks me to salsa, i'll be prepared!!!

FYI : Russian culture center is in kasturi ranga road, behind Chola Sheraton. These guys also organise salsa nights - which is something i am looking forward to! Apart from salsa, they also teach jazz, tap dance and ballet. Theres also a pub of sorts ( which is what the Russian center is quite famous for)which is open late into the night ;)


Sriram said...

check this link.. helpful..

Meera said...

You go Girl :)