Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tagged : 8 things about me...

I've been tagged again and this time , its 8 things about me... and like 'she-who-tagged-me' i shall try and write things related to travelling ...

Rules of this Tag:

1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. 8 things about you.
3. Tag 6 people.

Name of the Person : Mridula
I wonder where she comes up with the enthu to be a part of so many blogs and contribute actively to all!

8 things about me

1. However hard I try, anytime I have to write about myself or something i am involved with , I always make even the worst sound cute and center the narratives around me - sort of like casting myself in the lead. Its not intentional - it's just an inherent bias i cannot seem to eliminate. So - you know what to expect of next 7 points.

2. The toughest challenge (for me) when I am making a trip, is to constantly remember that my interest need not necessarily match others interests too. I find it very difficult, especially when I start feeling panicky about not getting to do something i had been looking forward to. But I manage - and so far, have managed to do a lot of trips where more or less all people involved found common ground and have enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

3. I found the reason why my most recent trips have been more fulfilling than a lot of others to more exotic locations - I got to plan it. Researching, planning ang organizing is half the fun :) - makes me feel more involved - and all this stems from a more basic need to be in control ! always.

4. I HATE it when anyone tells me that something (something being anything i want to do) isn't possible - I prefer 'dificult' over 'impossible'.

5. I find more pleasure in beautifully beaded words than pictures. And no, i dont think all pictures speak a thousand words.

6. It took me 6 months to put a sitemeter on this blog for the fear of what i might find.

7. I like to listen to sound of silence when i am in a forest - something my friends found totally contrasting to my usually 'loud self' (on my latest trip) and ofcourse took my life for it.

8. I cant stand anyone who tells me that they dont like Chennai or they find it unfriendly without really giving the city a chance. Having said that, I think Chennai and TamilNadu could do with better marketing and more investment from the tourism department!

I tag :
Tarun, Meera, Rags, Kay, Raul, Sriram, Tanu, Mama,


Anonymous said...

ok, i'll do the needful

Anonymous said...

cool blog...

i disagree with the lastone..
i am a grt fan of chennai and dont think anyone wud disagree with that

Ms.N said...

tx surya... well, i love chennai too - its my home and always will be. But i still belive it does have its share of faults.

ps: when i said chennai, i meant the whole of TN

Mridula said...

So what did you find on the sitemeter? I guess all pleasent stuff.

I think I am not so good with words, so I use a lot of pictures.

Ms.N said...

@mridula... nothing great :D - just that the counter didnt stand at 0..

Meera said...

hey babe. The thing about impossible is true. :-)