Saturday, January 06, 2007

Art of Photography

A regular saturday ... a late morning, and after cursing my self over the state of my living mess while enjoying hot cup of filter kaapi, I roused myself to remove cobwebs that have settled aroud me. As I moved around cleaning, clearing and stacking away things, clothes, books, files I came across my camera carelessly tossed around in one corner of my shelf... where it was sitting waiting to be reclaim the almost fanatic love I once possesed for it and for the art of photography.

No, I have not given up on photography... I have not given up on my baby canon Sd 300 , the one for which I spent almost 2 month equivalent of net hours researching. But in a way I haven't advanced with it. I take photos, tons of them actually, take the time to edit some over picassa, but I wonder if I have advanced in my techniques at all.

I always thought that a good photographer is a person who can exactly reproduce what she sees with the naked eye and in her mind on film - the perfect contrast, the correct level of sharpness, highlighting certain objects in the field of view, and ofcourse ensuring every single object in view is presented beautifully. But in my case, many times my mind knows what I want out of a picture I am capturing, but it doesn't translate to the image on my LCD.

Does a pro take thousands of snaps and then filter her One Best? Or does she take one shot and knows that she got a master piece?

Does editing photos on picassa to get the effect add up to cheating?

What makes a photograph a good one - is it were you present a beautiful scene exactly as it is or you make people take a second look at what is actually a normal scene?

How does one look at a photo and exactly make out if it was the object captured or if it was the photographer???

A lot of questions as I dust my tiny equipment...and certainly a long road to tread till i get to pro status...High time I started finding the answers!

Ps: if anyone has any answers, please do let me know!!!


mridula said...

Oh boy, since I bought my SLR believe me i am so much plagued by doubts that didn't even exist with my point and shoot. I can only add questions here. Though one thing I have been told, that even pros shoot a lot of images and then they use the few that came out really well. I am not sure if I want to be a pro but I do love taking pictures. And I want to keep taking them. And hardly any of it is close to what I actually see.

Sriram said...

Bonjour Madamme,
Here is some useful websites which gives you some insight into photography. I ve tried adjusting the aperture and shutter speed with some good results. Haven't mastered it though. Hope this is helpful for you.

I am sure there are many more like these on web. You can always find more if you are not satisfied with these.

Sriram said...
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Sriram said...

Do you have a Tri-pod? I suggest you buy one of those Mini-tripods, small adjustable tri-pods like these which lets you take rotate your camera vertically for vertical snaps. It would be very useful especially when you have longer exposure time so that camera does not shake during the exposure.

Action & Inertia - This is the hyphenated thoughtspace in between said...

Hey Neeraja,
I liked your ramblings, and wished to leave a counter-rambling myself. A brief intro about myself, MBA, peripatetic Indian, travel photographer. Now, its been about a year & a half since I acquired my digi-SLR baby, and I have seen myself evolve so much. No bragging, I have myself gone through the mental motions of trying to explore the best approach to superb photos, and it was deja vu when I read your photo-rambling. One, I never touch Photoshop, or any of its cousins. For me, a well-taken virgin photo on the camera is a prized-trophy. Next, yes, I do take lots of shots, I mean typically any outing of a week to a nice travel destination fills up about 2000 shots thereabouts. Now, some of this space is taken up by the action-oriented ones, while travelling in a vehicle, or otherwise, but otherwise, there is little filtering required, and that is what I aim at. I try and focus to make every single shot a trophy to take home. Having said that, yes, I do have favourite subjects, and I also know where exactly I am capable of delivering "wow" shots. Sorry if my rant is boring you, I have been wanting to put up my work on for many months now, but somehow, the interia seems to be not shaking off. If you see my work, my thoughts would make a lot of semblance. The magic of this art lies in looking at every subject from a point-of-vision other than a layman's. Keep up the good work - shooting and the writing bit.