Saturday, February 03, 2007

And the moment passed

12:00, Pizza hut, Bangalore

I looked away from the window, through which i had been trying to decipher the shoe models on sale across the road... As I made a sweeping glance around the place, I noticed Him, sitting diagonnally across the room facing me... Another single luncher this afternoon.

Hmmmm... Maybe he was a student ... were there some colleges in bangalore that firangs came to? Or maybe he was doing some volunteering in the town... or maybe a backpacker (thats my favorite) ... or mayyyy bbbeee.... and he looked up from his menu... wrong time !!!! Our eyes met... I was startled... He was startled...

We had an awkward situation on our hands.

Was it just a few seconds? seemed like ages...Finally, my brain seemed to wake up and tell me that I needed to act... I did the 'hey there' nod .... silence... still more startled... had I indicated something else instead of 'hey there'?????? I had just nodded right??????? another epoch of time.... finally He seemed to consider the action harmless enough and smiled...

And the moment passed.

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Cazz said...

Such a simple situation written up very beautifully. Lovely.

Hello from Exclusively Caroline and thanks for the post a few days back!