Saturday, May 26, 2007

The reality of moving

And yet once again, I am back here wondering about how our dreams and visions are so different from reality. The statement seems to say it all requring no further explanation, but yet we expect both to coincide and dream on. The truth is, I think, that we focus so much on the more superficial aspects in our dreams ( atleast I do), while the practicalities till reaching that point can get painful. And you would think that one does learn , but we never do. And maybe that's why dreams are what they are - dreams! (That is why I just love Regina's quote over here!)

The moment I knew I was moving to Mumbai (sadness of leaving Chennai apart), I am already dreaming of this 'neat' place that I will be staying in, the way I would be doing up my flat,partying with friends,and trips that I would make. But reality is so much more about dealing with shady brokers, houses that meet your expectations not fitting your wallet and those that do being very depressing. And reality is very slow, especially if you work long hours and travel 2 hours a day and you have an exam hovering around you!

My usual house hunting experiences are always accompanied by weeks of trauma and tension and until the very last moment, things never fall into place! All the time in Hyderabad, finding roommates used to be the biggest hassle and till the last minute I never knew whether I would have to give up my sprawling 3 bedroom flat or not. It also seemed to me that i kept talking about it so often, I was worried that I would be branded as the 'girl without a roommate'. I think what irritates me even more is that, this house hunting always seems to work out more easily for everyone else but me.

But I think for once I managed to go through this whole phase without 'tension' and 'panic' even if it was very hassled. And also found a roommate on Day 1 of house hunting. Found a brand new place very close to work, ramifications of which are leaks to be fixed, the fan that wont rotate, the furniture that wont arrive. The Half of me wants to scream. Half of me has given up. Wish I could click my fingers to get things done! Bonus morning alarms from the mosque and temple close by. Have decided to convert to a religion which believes in silent prayers. Soon enough!

PS: For all those crying out loud about the conservatism in Chennai, PLEASE LISTEN. The city which is supposed to be twenty years ahead of India does not rent out flats to single women or men! OK, not the entire city, but this is certainly a common woe in Powai!

PS: I have hardly begun to check the city out except for inorbit, and an italian restaurant in bandra 'basilico', the hiranandani area ofcourse and ofcourse a one time trip on the trains.


Mridula said...

The pleasures of finding houses and moving into new cities! So, when do you start giving us travel accounts again?

~RAUL~ said... you r in powai now !!!

I think you must move back to hyd to avoid this trauma(single folks easily get a flat here :p)

And when is the trekking/travelling starting for you there ?

Meera said...

Just live it Mumbai style hon.. Dont panic yet. The best is yet to come ;)

Anil P said...

In Mumbai it doesn't get any easier. It's not so much about getting a house as it is about getting a house that's convenient and safe to live in.

Anonymous said...

and that's the beauty of dreams - they always defy reality :)

Priya Mahesh said...

Hey so you finally managed to find a house........

Surya said...

hey nice to read bout ur relocation... been quite sometime since i bumped into ur blog

Sriram said...

long time... so hows life in the busy city that never sleeps? just like u inagined it would be or otherwise? house hunting is always a pain.. I hate that... Thank god i havent done that in quite sometime now.. *touch wood*

Cuckoo said...

Don't worry. Bombay grows on a person slowly. Its amazing that you found a place near your office!

ps: Am from Chennai too. And although it has been 8 months since I moved to Bombay, I haven't stopped cribbing, though the intensity has certainly come down!

Ms.N said...

@mridula... hopefully soon - am off to NY next week!

@raul... dunno- still getting a hang of work an life over here

@me - no panicin - jus no patientce!

@anil - am very close to hiranandani- and the whole area seems decent. except ofcourse for panther attacks in raheja vihar!

@priya, sriram: house hunting is a pain, but alls well that ends well - :)...

@anon :and i agree totally, thats the beauty of dreams

@surya- def been a while!

@ cuckoo... hello chennaiite! ive been busy defending shivaji and rajini in a land which doesnt understand either - cud do with help!

Anil P said...

Time stopped after May 26th? :)

Ms.N said...

seems like i have stood still while time is racing on.

Hope to pour my heart and soul in very shortly

sachnach said...


Do post the snaps of your Sikkim trip....haven't been there but definitely know its a heaven on earth...may be just the snaps can get your mind off the maddening traffic n the rising pollution levels in Mumbai.