Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the Markha Valley Trail: Dark Clouds, A Drizzle and Hot Pakoras

Day 5: Markha to Thachungtse

I dozed for three hours this evening and am still all ready to go back to bed – once I finish this quick write-up.

Today’s trail was gentle – a bit of ascent, a bit of descent. The skies are cloudy and I hope it doesn’t rain – which it exactly does. Our initial itinerary had this broken down into 2 days with a stop in Hankar. Can’t imagine why, especially as we managed the bit to Hankar in three hours.

Another 'Mani' wall - that is the wall where the pile up slabs with a buddhist prayer, found near stupas

The prayer slabs on the wall

An old lady adn her grandson we saw on the trail. She actually came and asked me money for the photos I took.

Two river crossings and five hours later we are at Thachungtse by 2 in the afternoon. We encountered a light drizzle on the way – so me and M hurry with our tents. Our troublesome cook has suddenly turned friendly and made pakoras. Hot pakoras in the rains… we are in heaven in heaven.

With nothing to do, we decide on a quick evening nap – only to be woken up by the rains. It’s not heavy, but from within the tent it seems like a storm raging upon us. However… sleep overtakes. Until dinner and a write-up waits…

It is still drizzling outside. The camp looks beautiful with the last of the sunlight fading away, and star making their entrance. And us surrounded by dark mountains, nestled in V between their slopes, with lighted tents dotting the landscape.

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