Sunday, December 07, 2008

Memories from Yesteryears

Last weekend, my sis and I were rummaging through some of cartons at home, all ready to be shifted into the new home when I caught sight of my slam books from school. I couldn't remember the last time I had laid eyes on them and of course we stopped midway through the rummaging to dig into memories of yesteryear's.

A lots of things that I couldn't remember - a really long long emotional 'won't ever lose touch' goodbye from my best friend... and no we haven't. :) Lesser emotional write-ups from others. Called a hard nut to crack by one, impulsive by another. Unbelievably, I have actually added slots in my slam book for classmates to fill in their crushes, the boys they were teased with and their embarrassing moments. What's more interesting is that all my friends have with dedication filled those out - priceless !

I had also filled the first page out in a 'this book belongs to me, and a bit about me' fashion (no, i didn't fill in my crushes or my embarrassing moments), but interestingly I have written that I want to travel the world. And I just can't remember wanting it back then. Of course, I was totally jealous when a friend went to the US for a whole summer vacations and she wasn't even half as excited as I was. And I was always the first to line up for school excursions - turtle walks, trekking in Himalayas, Lakshadweep. Of course, I also wanted to be a computer engineer... hehe, and we all know how that dream turned out!

Anyways, always fun to look back.

note to self: scan pics fron the by gone age. Can't be forgetting what I used to be!


Sriram said...

Nice one... I dunno why, but today seems to be my day of nostalgia... got an chain mail about good ol' days of DD and all my favourite TV shows like Byomkesh Makshi, Bharat ek Khoj.. and this blog... Ofcourse i am not talking about ur slambook.. just reminded me of my scrap book at school... God knows where it is.. and boys being boys.. i am sure it would probly be just a line or two from everyone and i dont think i am in touch with many of them... but memories do stick with u... but when u change school every 3 years like i did... it just becomes a way of life... :)..
well.. dreams do come true.. sometimes... :) .. so consider urself lucky and next time if someone tells u of their dream, try to help them in any way u can.. pass on the flame !! (Do u visualize an Old grey haired Monk now??.. thats me .. hehe )

Ms.N said...

hehe, yes i do visualize a grey haired monk!!!

Viju said...

O yea..I think I know who would have called u a hard nut to crack!:D..ME!