Monday, February 23, 2009

In the Lion City, Singapore

My fourth day in Singapore. Though the city lost its sunny disposition within hours of my arrival, I was impressed and loved what I saw. I like it and am liking it more.

A rainy afternoon greets me on day one at Singapore. The smudges on the right are probably rain drops on my lens. Not a great pic, but doesn't look too bad in this size!

The drive from Changi Airport to the YMCA clinched my first impressions. For the first 5-10 minutes of leaving the departure terminal, the road was all tree-lined and incredibly pretty, even though if in a landscaped way. the road trails along some pretty beaches, bay-side restaurants and golf courses until hitting some flyovers (which appear to be the equivalents of the highways). Even on these flyovers, I could get a lovely spread of the city! Quite a contrast to most other places, where usually the drive from the airport to the main city is through highways in somewhat un-inhabited surroundings and one needs to keep their expectations at bay till you can actually get out!

I am being put up in the YMCA Hotel – definitely not corporate style living accommodation. I suppose one who was drowning should not ask for a yacht and just be happy for a trip on a tug boat. (:))I have gotten over most of my cribs, but cannot forgive this one – they do not have a full length mirror in the room!

The location – 1, Orchard Road however is perfect. More on this soon.

PS: Waking up at six is taking its toll on me. Goodnight!

The Singapore Museum of History from my room window


Sriram said...

you are serious?? they put you in a hostel for a long time when you are on official visit?? I hope you atleast have a single room to yourself and not sharing room?? Thats unacceptable even in the crisis situation...

Meera said...

Singapore is lovely... U shd visit this tamil pub which is on a ship!!
Have fun and send us some more pics!!How long are you there?

Krishnapriya said...

Hi dear..have a great time ..could you email me ur phno? wudlove to talk to

Ms.N said...

@ Sriram.
hehe - still not that bad. I do get a room for myself. :)

@meera - tamil pub on a ship. nice. ok let me look it up. yea likining it quite a bit. and the shopping hasn't even begun!

Anil P said...

Actually YMCA might turn out to be more fun :-)

I hear there're many trees in Singapore, as if planted with a vengeance. Is that true (the number that is) ?

Anonymous said...

Both pictures reminds me Ramgopal movies. I like the pictures a lot specially the first one.
Enjoy trip !

Ms.N said...

@ i can imagine that is true. all roads tree lined, parks in between - has the mix of a park and city. dont have the stats though :D

@hobo - thanks v. much!

Mridula said...

You still there? I got my passport ten years back because of a visit to Singapore! Orchid road rings a bell for sure but everything about Singapore is hazy.

Anonymous said...

nice post and pictures. i even had my visa ready once for singapore ... but cudnt make it in the last minute. guess, next time

Ms.N said...

@ Mridula. Yea, still here for another 2 and a half weeks. Orchard is the most famous shopping area with tons of malls, and is not missed place. I went there last wknd, hope to go again!

@Sandeep: Hey, thanks for dropping by. Nice photoblog you have. haha, yea there is always next times to live for.

@Anil... oh, on the ymca bit. yea- i know what u mean. it is probably a great place to meet other people. Lets c!