Saturday, May 22, 2010

Travel secrets - now an eBook!

Remember this post? It was a Tripbase tag asking bloggers to share their travel secrets. Well, Tripbase has decided to take it to the next level after they recieved an enthusiastic response. These tips/secrets have been collated to create a downloadable eBook. Moreover, for every person who downloads an e-book, Tripbase will make a $1 donation to Charity:Water.

The Mission
1) To provide funds to build freshwater wells and clean drinking water to people in developing nations.
2) To raise awareness about this fantastic cause, encourage hundreds more people to donate and to make a real difference on the ground.

And all you need to do is download these books for free. So, please go ahead and take a look at these e-books! And as a personal favor, don't forget to specifically look up As I See It featured on the Worldwide Travel eBook and Worldwide Beaches eBook.

Personally, I am kicked - feels good to see my name against something other than my research reports! :) :) :)


Nisha said...

Congrats !
I remember you tagging me for this but then, I was leaving for my backpacking trip. Will do so next time.

Nisha said...

I see, you have wrong link of my blog. Just click on it, U'll know. :)

Meera said...

read both your entries... published author.. awesomeness!!!

Ms.N said...

@ Nisha - u should. I really liked the idea behind the initiative I have to say.

And, yes- I have fixed the link issue - not sure why I couldn't figure it out before!!

@Meera - not really, but yes, in a way :) :). I shd also send u some of my work reports, may make good substitutes for a lullaby :D