Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop and Stare: Atop Shanti Stupa

And then there are those places – really, moments – where you want to just be. You don’t go seeking, you can’t plan for them, but they do happen, creeping upon you unaware. Across the sidewalk as you watch life passing by. Or, in the beach, watching the waves. Moments where you lose a sense of time. You shrug your shoulders and sigh, just content to be right there. With no place else to be.

It was a tiring walk up to the Shanti Stupa. Once on top, we played the fool, clicking photos. There were people sitting around the terrace - catching up with friends, exchanging travel tips, and some just observing. We soon joined the group and sank into our own "silent" zones. Interrupted only by an odd comment here and there. Somewhere in between, I blanked out. Not sure if it was sleep, but the next thing I was conscious of was the cold creeping up. We then made our move!

Relaxing at Shanti Stupa


Meera said...

Beaches do that to me.. When i watch the waves, all i can do is sigh and sink in :):)

Meena Venkataraman said...

Thats so true... :)
Loved the first para.. beautifully articulated!

Ms.N said...

@ Meera- haha, know what you mean. I love beaches... actually waterbodies in general i think.

@Meena- thanks. when i look back at different trips, i realized, what really really stuck to me and made me want to go back was finding that special 'moment'... guess was trying to explain that really!