Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a rollercoaster ride!!!

I started this year with a lot of optimism (no particular reason, just a general feeling of goodness)...then some news that what I had been hoping for wasn't happening and taking me to a dark dark place.. and then fate turning tables and winds of change... which then simmered down to barely a breeze or not even! has been a roller coaster 3 months, I am worried about the remainder!!!

Still, the doors open yet again, and I wait!!!

Sorry for such cryptic writing, but the story will unravel soon!


Meena Venkataraman said...

not easy unriddling what you say :)

Anil P said...

In trying to guess, I'm smiling away. :-)

Ms.N said...

@Meena.... i know. trust that it has been too many ups and downs. just something that excites me, but am waiting for all loose ends to be tied lest i jinx it!

@Anil... :) u've been there, felt that...?

Unknown said...
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