Sunday, January 27, 2013

My first hackathon...

Jumping away from beaches and travel, just coming fresh off my first hackathon. I am no techie, but the topic was 'reducing environmental impact'.

Tons of thoughts and learnings -
* very inspiring to learn about earth hour and the momentum they've gained
*didn't expect to benefit, but really loved the thought process around app development
- the goal, what are you enabling
- the audience, or who is driving it
- of course, ease of use
* loved the format of hackathon... Tech or non tech. Why aren't we doing it more back home? Or are we doing it more and I just don't know
* once again, a refresher on interpersonal / team skills
* amazing, to think through  implementing a solution for a simple problem...
* figuring out that I probably work better when there is someone as excited to the project  as I am
* getting myself also not to give up....
* but also know, that one can be blindsided by it!

Don't know if all this makes sense, but feeling pretty good about the past 2 and a half days!

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