Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Armchair travel

I have been doing that for a while now, and i found that no place better than www.nytimes.com/travel to start on my journeys. The articles are interestingly written, most of the times on a particular theme. For example, this article Making a pilgrimage to the cathedrals of commerce is an entire article just about a shopping arcade (the oldest of its kind) perfectly suited for a serendipity shopper!

I love the focus, the thematic flow and and ofcourse, the lovely pics!

Also, dont miss to see the 'Why we travel' slide show. I specifically love the para gliding guy's explanation : "The paraglider becomes an extension of yourself. You envision where you want to go: up, down, left, right, to that mountain, to that river..."

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WhO ElsE said...

Agree... Nytimes is one of the better designed websites around. Very simple and pleasing to the eye!