Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unwinding at Cornucopia

So , yesterday I was in cornucopia with Uma... Its one of those restaurants I got to know because I travel by the road where it is located. A low profile sort of place , a bunglow converted to a restaurant. Dim lighting, a room to yourself, one of the sexiest pasta and slow classic rock unobtrusive in the background ... Its when you take a break from the conversation to take a moment to muse, you catch the strains in the background...Just as Bryan Adams finished telling me that when I was in his arms, he found 'Heaven', Rod Stewart floated in asking me 'Have I told you lately that I love you'... And I smiled.


Krishnapriya said...

Hi dear!!!
How you doing?? I could just picture you, sitting in the restaurant, closing your eyes and listening to good music...and giving that crooked smile!!!
Keep in touch..I am doing nothing other than being a mom and enjoying it!!!!

Grubhogs said...

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