Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cant wait to be 'Sikkim'ing

Yes. I cant wait.

I have been researching hard for the last 3 weeks, slaving away to getting my tongue used to all the 'north eastern' names. My friend, my accomplice in travel, has been burried in work all week and until today, when i finally gave her a call to run her through the itenarary - it didnt seem real. There we were running through options for day 1, day 2 etc. and splitting who would take care of what - and suddenly we realised
1. It was not a vague dream
2. And it was really happening
3. And in less than 7 days! Yeay!

This is going to be a different trip ofcourse. For the reason that, two of us elder sisters are dragging our 2 kid sisters with us. Overnight, our responsibilities have increased for this reason, and for once, i am abondaning some of my 'mad-hatter' ideas. And ofcourse, it's our first almost self arranged trip in the great mountains.

So - A little anxious, loads excited, and waiting for 22nd!


Mridula said...

Have a wonderful trip ... and do share your stories.

Ms.N said...


This is the first 'himalayan' trip to embrace this blog- so definitely tales to tell. and hopefully, there will be more!

Meera said...

Have fun da and look forward to some cranky snaps :)

Sriram said...

Take lots of good pics and i am waiting for travel tips and your travel blog... :) .. enjoy..

TheBrit said...

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