Monday, January 26, 2009

In Transit

Mumbai trains and long transits are one of the most chronicled aspects of the city. Despite this, they never cease to fascinate.

People moving towards the train in preparation as it whizzes to a halt

I live ten minutes from my place of work, and so don't go through the whole rigmarole of taking a crowded train first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And therefore, my memories – or at least a majority of my memories – are probably quite different from those of the larger masses. The mildly filled compartments, the evening breeze on my face as I stand by the door and watch the silhouettes of apartments spotted with lit windows - sometimes filtering through gauzy curtains, the much closer shanties with a window or a door open, laying bare to the world the life within, the temple that surprises me every time somewhere along the Vikhroli-Dadar route, and a mental note every time to look it up. The pleasures of a weekend commute.

Early morning at borivilli station

Coming from a not-so-dependant-on-trains-metro, autos were the instinctive first choice for transport. You know that trains have somewhat usurped that position when a friend, giving directions to a new year's party, suggests you take a train, and you don't think twice about it.


Mridula said...

N, the trick to take the curves is probably to wait for a slower sped or everything is a blur! See this if you are interested-

Meena Venkataraman said...

Great Pics..
The first one is the best.. really makes you feel like the train in whizzing past :)

Anonymous said...

N, I liked the first picture. It was hectic but kinda nice commuting by trains!

Ms.N said...

thank you mridula...

@mv, actually the train was whizzing to a halt, but i like that i cud catch its 'movement'

@ft, thanks! well, i dont mind it either these like other things in bby, the journeys grow upon u too as well i suppose.