Sunday, January 18, 2009

Postcard from Italy

Postcard from Italy

A Postcard for Me

Look what came in the mail this week - a postcard all the way from Portofino, Italy! Not the e-mail one, but full with postage, delivered by mail man kind of one! To be honest, I thought postcards must have been a wiped out art of sorts by now. The last time I got a postcard-from-between-a-trip was from a friend when she was visiting her brother in the US back in college. As a kid, when we used to travel – we referring to my family – we always used to pick up postcards in nice places, but definitely never mailed them to anybody. May be they were just keepsake buys!

It is so nice and fun to dash off a postcard, just scribbling a few thoughts that take you in that moment. Thanks Sriram! He writes, “Portofino is famous with celebrity tourists for its yachts’, sailboats and beaches. Good place to be in for an expensive holiday!”


Sriram said...

That means that you must have eaten the Pizza ;-) and hope it was filling :-D)

Anonymous said...

I love postcards! especially getting them in mail :)

GMG said...

The postcard is lovely, but the place is even better... ;)) Thanks for remembering my 2003 stay there...
Have a great week!