Friday, December 31, 2010

Some randomn Konkan moments

I love beach vacations. Mostly because I have grown lazy I think.

* * *

In Maharashtra, if you trip and fall, you could find yourself at a fort. Sitting on the waters and jutting into the sea, the fortress walls of Sindhudurg make for a lovely walk. Reaching the edge facing the sea is the best, offering views of the boats on the sea and long coconut groves along the coast.

Sindhudurg fort

The view through a rifle point
* * *

There is something soulful about sunsets. Doesn’t matter if it’s behind buildings or setting into the sea – it somehow never fails to calm. We were cheated of the latter with the sun disappearing into some clouds, but I didn’t mind.

Sunset at Malvan
* * *


Trotter said...

Hi Ms. N! Gorgeous!!

Have a Happy and Successful New Year!! Wish you all the best!!
Horus and Sobek wait for you at Kom Ombo… ;)

Ms.N said...

Hi Trotter... happy new year to you too - will drop by to see Kom Ombo (though i have to first figure where that is!)

Meena Venkataraman said...

Beautiful Neeraja!.. I love the first pic :).
Really missing the Indian shoreline..something about the smells different in every country

Ms.N said...

@ Meena - thanks! i knwo the feeling of missing the beaches. used to be in a city where it was barely 10minutes away and a part of my daily routine (almost!!!)

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